Hockhua Wine

Established in 2004, HockHua Wines is blessed with the privilege of distributing enchanting wines from several boutique vineyards and wineries. Most of these family-owned vineyards employ traditional methods of cultivation and wine production, keeping their yield low but harvesting quality grapes which go into making excellent wines.

To maintain the quality and their good taste, they are shipped in a controlled climate set at a constant temperature between 12 deg C and 16 deg C. Three specially-built wine cellars ranging from 100 sq ft to 300 sq ft are constructed for storing our wines.

In HockHua Wines, we strongly believe that quality wines should be made affordable for everyone to enjoy without intimidating Wine Terms and Jargons.

HockHua wines is currently the sole distributor of over 25 wine labels from 7 wine producing countries in Singapore.