Hockhua Dried Seafood

Abalone, shark’s fin, fish maw and sea cucumber are the four major delicacies widely used in Asian fine dining cuisine and banquets. One of our aims is to sustain reasonable and affordable pricing for these delicacies. To do so, HockHua has gathered a team of professional, experienced and dedicated people who will go all out to source the finest delicacies from their countries of origin.

As the most highly regarded seafood delicacy, abalone has become one of the major fields we have ventured into. HockHua has committed itself to bring in a wide variety of the finest abalones from the world, from Australia to New Zealand and from Mexico to South Africa. Back in the 80s, Black-lipped abalone was the only type found in the local market. In 2003, we started bringing in the Brown-lipped and the Green-lipped abalone from Australia. With their unique and distinctive tastes, the Brown-lipped and the Green-lipped abalones were very well received soon after we introduced them to the market. We did not stop here.

In 2008, we brought in the Blue-lipped and Yellow-lipped abalone from Mexico, which was very well reputable for their savoury sweetness. In order to sustain reasonable and affordable prices for the abalone, we directly import all our products from their countries of origin and put them under our existing house brand “TIGER KING”.

H.W Seafood is dedicated to exploring the latest developments and upgrading itself to keep up with the demands of customers, and to maintain our competitiveness.